Running Gait Analysis

Are you an avid runner, or just starting to run?


Proper running techniques and gait will take you further faster, and most importantly, reduce your risk of injuries so you can indulge in your passion for running, for a long time. 

Gait Analysis at Atlas Physio Clinic

At Atlas Physio Clinic, our trained physiotherapists have extensive knowledge in identifying and evaluating mechanical faults in your running style and body mechanics.


Looking at your running gait pattern and with your body weight in consideration, we will examine which areas of the body and which muscles are used, and should be used, to carry your weight.

What we look out for: 

● Running gait and posture

● Body weight

● Strength and flexibility

● Choice of footwear


Want to run proper, further, faster?

Feel free to drop an enquiry via email or call for our physiotherapist to understand
your situation better.